A Sneak Peek from the Photo Studio: The Successful Women Tees Brand Launch

What does your tee say about you?

Today, I want you to virtually head to the photo studio with me and experience what it was like during the photo shoot for The Successful Women Tees brand launch!

I love working in the photo studio. This was one of my favorite ones yet.  Heart Shaped Dreams is all about making stories and dreams come to life in photographs. Being a part of this dream come true moment for Maria Marte, owner of The Successful Women Tees was wonderful.

What is The Successful Women Tees, you ask? It is a local, online, women-inspired t-shirt collection made with high quality, comfortable materials. Their meaningful, minimalist designs are simple-sweet. Each tee is connected to a “tea flavor” and comes in a bag of tea that matches. See what I’m talking about here.

Now that you know a little more about the brand, let’s go to the photo studio!

This time, the photo studio is Orlando Photography Studio, conveniently located in Downtown Orlando.

Models, Tatiana Sidorova and Kiara Michelle arrive at the photo studio ready to go. They even bring some pieces from their stylish closets to assist stylist, Amy Witt, with creating a variety of casual and business looks to compliment the tees. Tatiana picks Pandora’s “Inna” station for the music choice. Inna is always a great choice for photo studio shoots! The upbeat songs keep us feeling energized.

Malala Glam uses her amazing makeup skills to ensure the girls look absolutely perfect. If you see her doing makeup, I guarantee you’d be like me, thinking of some excuse to get your makeup professionally done by her ASAP.

As the girls get ready, Amy gets busy pairing different outfits, making notes, and ensuring we don’t miss any tees.

We start with Tatiana.

Kiara goes next.

The girls are not only talented, but fun to work with!

Lastly, we take a couple of behind the scenes group shots and finish off our time at the photo studio with updated photographs of the beautiful boss lady in charge.  She had brought tacos for everyone to enjoy, because who doesn’t love tacos? Yes, I did eat one and it was delicious.

I feel blessed and just grateful for the team and for this opportunity. Hope you enjoyed seeing what it was like!

Before you go, I have a question for you. Which “tee” best describes you today? Comment below.