Beautiful Wedding Photography in FL

I had the opportunity to assist Yours Truly Media (YTM) in taking beautiful wedding photography, as a second shooter, for Dustin and Amanda’s gorgeous wedding. Their dream day took place at the Hammock Beach Resort in Palm Coast, FL. 
Below, I will share some of my favorite beautiful wedding photography, taken and edited by me, on that day. Additionally, I will add a little bit about what the day was like.

The Groom and Groomsmen Getting Ready:

Since I was the second shooter, my first job was to photograph the guys. This best friend group was so much fun. I laughed quite a bit and really enjoyed adding their moments to their beautiful wedding photography memories.

Beautiful Wedding Photography in FL


The Ceremony

It was a bright, sunny day with perfect temperature. I loved the natural elegance feel of the decorations. The heart warming ceremony melted everyone’s hearts. Especially with those vows! Honestly, I think that a groom getting teary eyed when he sees his beautiful bride is a sign of true love. While helping take their beautiful wedding photography, happy emotions were flying everywhere! Overall, it was a sweet, sincere, fun ceremony.

Bridal Party

Whoever did their styling was amazing. The bride looked stunning. They all looked so good together and they always had fun. Although I was only in charge of taking beautiful wedding photography headshots of the groomsmen and bridesmaids, during this time, I was able to snap a few photos of the bride and groom here and there and a couple of them all together. Additionally, YTM’s first photographer was kind to allow me about 2 minutes with the bride for a few bridal photos. 


The Reception

It was so much fun, see for yourself:

And they lived happily ever after! I hope you enjoyed viewing the photos and reading my blog! I understand how important it is to have beautiful wedding photography on your special day. Consequently, I consistently strive to continue learning and improving.  My goal is to capture the magic of each moment for couples to cherish their day for a lifetime. I enjoy being part of that special day and seeing a love story unveil right before me <3 


Beautiful Wedding Photography in FL

Lastly, I am looking to add more weddings to my portfolio, which is why I have amazing wedding photography packages! Here, at Heart Shaped Dreams Photography, we are based in FL but are willing to travel both nationally and internationally.  Feel free to schedule a free mini consultation with me, by emailing or texting 407-789-1571, to find out more and see if we would be a great fit to take your beautiful wedding photography!

Covid-19: We are currently wearing masks and using extra precautions by having water and soap available for constant hand washing, as well as hand sanitizer and disinfecting materials. We are following social distancing protocols and have on call photographers in case of a health emergency so that you are still covered no matter what. Moreover, we provide sharable photo galleries to easily share with any family members and are partnering with amazing videographers to provide LIVE video for virtual weddings. We don’t want anything to get in the way of you having beautiful wedding photography.



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