Wedding Photographer Blog: Chris & Tina’s Wedding at Cypress Grove Park in Orlando, FL

Guests were dressed in all black. They stood anxiously waiting to see the gorgeous bride arrive. As Tina’s father walked her down the aisle, Chris couldn’t help to shed a couple of tears. His deep love for her was evident. Decorations were sweet and delicate. The officiant did such a beautiful job and kept everyone entertained. There was a sand ceremony, lots of smiles, laughs, and hugs. There are so many photos, but here are a few of my personal favorites:

Back to the Beginning

Wedding Consultation: Before I photograph a wedding, I like to meet my couples in person. I think it gives them a chance to make sure that I am a good match as their wedding photographer and vise-versa. My job as a wedding photographer is not only to capture all the special moments but to make sure couples and guests can re-live these beautiful moments when they see their photos and cherish those memories forever. Consequently, being on the same page with my couples is key.

From the start, I knew I would love being Chris & Tina’s wedding photographer. I met the family at Cypress Grove Park a few weeks before the wedding to finalize wedding details, answer any questions, and help ease their wedding planning process in any way I could. They are all such sweet persons and just a pleasure to be around. The bride shared a few ideas and extra things she wanted me to capture as her wedding photographer. I make every bride’s special requests my priority.

The big day: One thing that not many people know about me as a wedding photographer, is that I consider my start time at a ceremony to be when I actually start taking photos. From personal experience on my own wedding day and as a wedding photographer at previous weddings, I realize that it is natural for wedding ceremonies to start late. Mine was almost one hour late, so to keep the day stress free, I decided I would never start charging for the first hour of a ceremony until it was actually time for me to start documenting the ceremony. Sure enough, things started a bit behind, but it all worked out beautifully.

Bridal Photos: we started by taking close family group shots first, and then walked around the park for the bridal photos. We even put a little Cinderella spin in some of the photos. 

Wedding Photographer Blog: Chris & Tina’s Wedding at Cypress Grove Park in Orlando, FL

I always have such a great time photographing weddings. The beautiful bride sent me a photo of her order when it arrived. I love receiving messages like that. I wish Mr & Mrs Garcia the happily ever after they deserve!

Wedding Photographer Blog: Chris & Tina’s Wedding at Cypress Grove Park in Orlando, FL