It’s Graduation Season!

Graduation day marks the start of a new journey, where the student is finally able to start practicing all they have learned throughout the years. The long hours of studying, long tests, and for some, sleep deprived nights and parking nightmares, finally feel worth it! 

It’s Graduation Season!

It is a day to cherish all of that with pride. A day to welcome the start of a new adventure in life as a “graduate”. I love doing graduation photos. These days are always so meaningful and special to my clients and I love to be a part of making the best memories for them to hold on to forever.  However, this specific photo shoot was special because it was my first graduation photo shoot at a big University, specifically, the University of Central FL (UCF), so it had to be my highlight of this week’s blog! Plus, have I ever mentioned how much I love returning clients?

We started outside of the CFE Arena, right after the graduation ceremony. We then walked to the student’s preferred areas, where he had expressed that he often walked through for classes, and where he had good memories from his experience at UCF. He really wanted to make sure the photos were meaningful to his individual memories in the school as opposed just theme-y or popular type of photos. I loved that about the photo shoot because I think it is important to keep a sense of individuality and uniqueness for these of special occasions. I also think it doesn’t hurt to do a few trendy shots for fun and convinced him to take a couple those as well!

Here are a few of my favorite:

Didn’t take your graduation photos yet? Many people don’t take their photos on their actual graduation day, some do it before, some wait for later. Don’t miss out on your graduation photos because you didn’t get to take them on your graduation day!  Also, it doesn’t hurt to book early if you do have one coming up. Text/Call (407)810-2432 to reserve your graduation photo shoot date & time for free, or simply click here to go back to the homepage to send a message.

For more photos from this day, click here.


Have a wonderful day! I will end this long with a couple of gifs to brighten your day, can you relate?