Individual Outdoor Portraits in Orlando, Fl.

Why should your outdoor portraits be anything but beautiful and fun? When getting outdoor portraits done, let your personality shine by being yourself. I like to get any specific shots that my customer needs FIRST. We start with posed captures and any photos and locations that are a priority. Then, you may see or think of things that you really want in your shots or I may think of something that would look nice. Never be afraid of telling your photographer if you just thought of an idea last minute. We want to fulfill your full vision! If we have time at the end of capturing these, have fun. Photo shoots shouldn’t feel like a task.

Make sure to choose a package that allows for enough time for you to change outfits if you’d like. I don’t have a limit on outfit changes as long as these are within the time frame scheduled. 

I want you to look back at your outdoor portraits and not only see a beautiful photo, but feel your essence in it. As time goes by, you will cherish these photos more and more when you allow me to capture the true “you”. Don’t be afraid to be silly after you’ve taken those serious outdoor portraits you needed. On the other hand, don’t be afraid to be serious after you’ve taken those smiling shots if that’s your personality.

Feel free to click here to see sample galleries of individual outdoor portraits. I loved each of these sessions because they all let their personalities shine through their outdoor portraits. There are different packages you can choose from to fit your needs. Additionally, you can choose to add a levitation or fantasy photo.