Beauty & The Beast

I first met with Victor and Alissa during our initial consultation for their engagement photos. Almost instantly, I could tell they’re each other’s heart shaped dream. They’re one of those couples who give off this sweet vibe that screams “in-love”; the kind of couple that makes your heart melt like those moments in the Disney movies where all the girls cry happy tears…And have I ever mentioned how much I love classic Disney movies? I’m honestly my own version of a Disney princess inside. You can imagine my excitement when I learned that I’d be doing this beautiful couple’s engagement photos and that their wedding theme is Beauty & The Beast! I literally went home that night and used my kids as an excuse to re-watch the movie. It is no question that these engagement photos take the highlight spot for this week’s blog.

I am grateful with the staff at the Castle Hotel in Orlando, FL, for giving Heart Shaped Dreams the green light to use their property for these special engagement photos. It was the perfect location! Not only does the hotel look like a fairy tale castle, but everyone who works there is as nice and courteous as the people you would find in a fairy tale. 

When the couple arrived, we were escorted to the elevator by a gentleman named Joe who is part of the Castle hotel team and probably one of the nicest people ever. He used his special card to send us to the top floor, which he had previously allowed me to tour, so we could get started with the engagement photos.
My friend Lumiere wanted to be in the engagement photos but he didn’t take the spot light. These two were glowing, and I’m not just saying that because of the bright, hot sun in a typical Floridian Sunday afternoon in the summer! The heat did not affect how they felt for each other while I was taking their engagement photos.
There were giggles, laughs, kisses, a little slow dancing and even some arm wrestling! Talk about a fun couple! Natural moments like those are a photographer’s dream when doing engagement photos. Listening to classical Disney movie music while editing the engagement photos made my job even more enjoyable (I like to have fun guys! This is what I love to do!).

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If you’d like to learn more about the Castle hotel, I have included their site below along with a link to the music I listened to:



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