Chan & Sam’s Couple’s Photo-Session

Chan & Sam’s couple photo-session takes the blog spot for this week. They just have this amazing vibe that was great to capture on camera. They were so easily directed and truly, there was not much direction that needed to be done. That is exactly what is so awesome about the heart-shaped-dreams kind of love, that these moments come so naturally!

We started our couple photo-session at Dickson Azalea Park, a hidden gem in Orlando, FL. The park is filled with different magical areas that the couple and my camera loved. Then, we made our way around surrounding areas of the park. In the last few minutes of our couple photo session, Chan played a romantic Bachata song with his phone and the couple proceeded to dance what is the best Bachata dance I have ever witnessed in person. They made me want to go home and practice dancing with my husband! 

It was beautiful to capture that spontaneous moment. It feels great when the couple I am photo-shooting feels comfortable enough to just let their love shine for me to capture. You’ll see what I am talking about below:

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Which photo did you like best? Comment below. See you next week!