Brand Photography With Tremonte Media Co. in Winter Park, FL

Brand photography is something I have had the pleasure to do more of this year. For today’s blog, I will be writing a little bit about my experience during my brand photography session with the brilliant ladies behind Tremonte Media.

What is Tremonte Media Co., you ask?: Tremonte Media Co. is an innovative, women-led company that specializes in web design, social media marketing, brand development, sales strategies, and graphic design. Talya and Sydney are not just business partners, they are also the best of friends. They are professional, knowledgeable and have super fun and friendly personalities. Basically, they are the type of people you’d have a blast working with while getting amazing results. To learn more, click here.

Why so serious? Showing different sides of your brand is important during any brand photography session. Just by looking at photos from your brand photography session, your customers can get an idea of what it is like working with you and see if your style matches theirs. Often, professionals try too hard at “looking” serious because they believe it will make them look more professional. If you are a serious person, then you are just being yourself, but if you aren’t, you may potentially attract the wrong clients. These beautiful boss ladies don’t pretend to be anything they’re not. They want their customers to know exactly who they are; professional, effective, yet fun and friendly at the same time. Moreover, they want their customers to know that they absolutely love what they do and enjoy doing that every day. 

Location: We had our brand photography session in-office, in Winter Park, FL. The interesting architecture and design of the office allowed our photos to be more unique, it was a great choice. They were prepared and open to try new things. I truly enjoyed our brand photography session!

Final thoughts: I feel blessed that I have been getting more opportunities to work with amazing companies and look forward to working with more in the near future! All of the brands I have worked with so far have something that connects us, we all chose to and work hard to follow our dreams. For me, it is wonderful to be a part of that.

Scroll down to see some of my favorite photos from this session: