Downtown Orlando Wedding <3

This week’s highlight will sound kind of weird because I’m a first-shooter and usually have my own second/third shooters, but this actually goes to second shooting. Honestly, more than being a first-shooter, I just love to be a photographer and to capture beautiful, special moments, especially weddings! When my friend, Chris, from CD Photos, approached me to assist with a wedding photo shoot, I was as excited as I get when I get to capture any wedding!
This beautiful wedding took place in Downtown Orlando. I had the honor of capturing the bridal party getting ready at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel. I then second-shot during the ceremony. Lastly, I did group captures of the bridesmaids, grooms, and bride, along with some candid shots during cocktail hour and some of the reception set up.
I didn’t stay for the entire event. However, from the time that I was there, I can tell you it was beautiful. The people were so kind, everyone had a great attitude, and the bridal party was one of my favorite groups I’ve captured so far because they were just so fun to work with! It was an amazing experience to work with CD photos as well, because they trusted my knowledge and photography skills and gave me lots of freedom to do more than what was asked and try any ideas. I’m only going to share a few of my favorites since I was a second-shooter, but I still hope you can see how beautiful and fun it was that day from my photos!

So there you have it, my first experience switching it up as a second shooter! Sometimes it is nice to flip sides and see things from a different perspective. I had so much fun! 

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