Baby Photo Shoot- Baby & Friends

Every time I get to do a baby photo shoot, it puts a smile on my face. Do you love babies? I sure do! And so does my camera! I have worked in schools and have my own children who were once babies so I am fond of children and babies. The way they see the world inspires me and teaches me something new each time. I captured baby Joel’s 6-month baby photo shoot at Kraft Azalea park early morning. It turned out such a cute baby photo shoot.
However, it was not your typical baby photo shoot. I took some group shots with the besties too! Now, these are not just any besties. These little friends are baby Joel's real, preferred, stuffed buddies in the whole wide world. Don't tell the others, but I think the bunny is his fave.
I couldn't leave the parents out of this baby photo shoot either! Jose and Diana are regulars. I have been photographing them since before they even had a bun in the oven. They are amazing parents and make this little one as happy as he makes them. It is always a pleasure to capture moments with happy families and create new memories.
For fun, I've added a couple of adorable "bloopers" from our shoot. I got permission from them first, of course :
Have a baby? They grow so fast! Believe me, I know! I blinked and, BOOM! I wish I had done more baby photoshoots to freeze those wonderful moments. All I know is that they suddenly turned 3 and 6!
Baby Photo Shoot- Baby & Friends

Birthdays are definitely special occasions, but when you have a baby, the baby “IS” your special occasion, they’ll never be a baby again and they’re just too cute not to photograph professionally! Text/Call (407)810-2432 to reserve your photo shoot date, or simply click here to be redirected to our homepage and message us!

What is most important to you when taking family photos? What is a must for you for your little one’s baby photo shoot? Comment below.